2pcs Reusable Toaster Bags

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Our Toaster Bags make toasting food so much easier. The reusable bags fit right into your toaster to cook food effortlessly and mess-free. They're ideal for cooking the perfect grilled cheese in your toaster, but are also great for pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, and more!

  • 2pcs toaster bags for cooking food in the toaster
  • Reusable (reuse up to 50 times)
  • Non-stick
  • Heat-resistant

Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

Ideal for grilled cheese, sandwiches, wraps, and toast

Leaves no crumbs or mess in toaster

Can also be used to reheat chicken nuggets, fries, and pizza

Material: teflon-coated glass fiber cloth

Dimensions: 16cm x 16.5cm